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One must have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star...
Massoud Abbasi

The Wanderer and his Shadow.

a sun stretches a sky, as silk is stretched by a worm road
under an amber stained sky, walks an old man, face caressed by 
the vicissitudes of time and circumstance
in the distance stands a lofty mountain, with perch sequined cliffs and rocky edges, all portraying a lofty grandeur and supremeness
the wanderer, tired, enervated from years of searching, experience, feeling, moves forth somewhat wearied, yet also hopeful
the hope that maintains heart and soul, binds mind and matter
the hope that also skewers a spirit when not realized
yet this hope tarries on in this wanderer, as it does in many around him on this planet, full of joys and sadness, hardships and victories
as the wanderer enters an angle on his path in line with the equator a shadow emerges in front of him, and though startled at first, he accepts his new walking companion, and speaks to it thus:
hello there, shadow, i had not expected you, but i am not surprised you’ve arrived on my journey, they say every wanderer is met with two guides on each trip, you must be my first
the shadow responds, hello there my being, what would you be, where would you be were it not for me to step in your path and block your focus, how would you feel if I did not appear to perturb you and slay your convictions and your control
the wanderer said naturally, you must confine my will to yours and test my courage, for what would I be if not a tested warrior
the shadow went about, forcing all sorts of tribulations upon his being along the way, causing every indiscretion of mind, forcing every fear, every ill, every pain and self-doubt
the wanderer remained steadfast, though hurt by the charges laid at this feet by his shadow, he kept fast to his resolve, to his beliefs, to his strength, to his destiny, believing all along that everything was pre-ordained and a lesson was here at work, inscribed in the stars and being played out by the constellations
naturally, as the wanderer stuck fast to his resolute conviction and firm goodness of soul, and kept trekking along, the sun too moved northward to the wanderers south steps, and with the tangent of the line created therein, the restless shadow, though constantly prodding and picking at the wanderer, became less and less pronounced, eventually shifting to the wanderers side, at which time he became silent and somehow the wanderer after many thousands of steps of walking, tired weary, warm, glazed by the sun, tortured by his shadow, yet unshaken in his quest to reach the golden mountains, still kept on carrying himself aloft and afoot proud as Orion in the night sky, still as an owl in the night, somehow maintaining an effervesecent dance deep inisde like those Rumi and his descendants danced at Samarkand, round the fire
It was at this time that the wanderer now experienced a silence, a certain peace, the peace that the shadow had come as he should have, spoken as he did, tested the wanderer as was destined, but had left and abated, leaving the wanderer once again alone with himself, serene, closer to his destination, though yet unsure of its finality, not yet sure of its resolution and consummation
in his steadfast and unwaivering heart, full of destiny and manifest conviction, the wanderer mustered his every will and conviction and kept walking, parched as he was, wearied as he was, fed only by the sweet nectar of possibility, fed only by the faint smell of roses he smelled deep on the horizon, where splendours awaited, whether in his mind or on this soil
the wanderer came once more to look up at the night sky and countenance the glory of this mysterious existence, singing to himself and laughing at it all, in tired repose, saying with old Rumi once more, love this moment, for this moment is your life, or with the great Goethe, that life, no matter what it may be, is good, is beautiful, is worthwhile
these thoughts of ancient friends who live now in the ether carried this wanderer during his dark period, alone, on this dirt gravel road, towards the opulence of the mountains in the approaching horizon
dark periods however give in to light, and pain gives in to joy, he recalled and kept carrying on, almost missing his companion, however tough and turbulent he was on his soul, though sometimes turbulence in another and within one self are vital to find their opposites so that one can compare and say yes, this is what I prefer most

as the wanderer carried on, and the equator shifted more east with the sinking of the sun in the celestial sphere, now a shadow began to emerge behind him, another one, more robust, more hearthy, more heartfelt, more whole
hello said the wanderer once more to his shadow, I see that you have chosen to return once more on the final leg of my journey
the shadow responded, no, we have not yet met, though we have long been waiting to meet, I merely needed a different direction, a new angle, a different position and time from which to emerge, and now that you are walking ahead of the sun towards your destination, I have become born of the particularities of the sea, sky, air and water of the land and approach you from behind, as a friend to a way faring soul who seeks his peace and solitude, who seeks his home, yet needs a push, a hand, a lofty carpet on which to float, i am your friend wanderer
the wanderer, skeptical yet delighted to hear these words turned round and stopped, but in so doing noticed the shadow appeared behind him, in front again, and so quickly turned once more and kept walking, to which a quick glance showed him it was not behind him again
the shadow now whispered, a lesson for you, my friend: always look forward, never back, never stop, for in so doing, you welcome my opposite and all that previous pain and hurt
the wanderer kept walking, and as he got closer and closer to the mountains, he said to himself, dear shadow, why is my heart so heavy, why could I not walk this journey with a light foot, proud and happy of my being and those of my ilk, why must I have endured the shadow of my front
the shadow to his rear responded, does not light emerge from darkness, does not heat come from cold, love, from pain, pain, from joy, this is simply the way of the universe my dear wanderer, all exists in its opposite since the beginning of time, we come to know and love one thing and one another only because we have experienced our opposites, it is simply as it must be, tis our earthly education. how else would you know what is real and what is not? how else would you know who you love and who you dont? only a few hours ago you would gnash at me in your front, grinding your teeth at every word and blasphemy I would whisper, but now you invite me and ask for my wisdomful words my pure milk, my honey which flows sweet to you like sap from an oakwood tree, thus it is in life that we must endure both sides of all things to know a thing at its core, it is merely part and parcel with existence and had you not hated and feared me at first, you would have have no way of loving me and knowing me now
the wanderer, now caught in thought, thought of this to himself, and realized that yes, had he now known the shadow in his front, he surely would not have been tested and forced to admire the one in his rear, had he not known the push and pull of his own convictions the shadow had cast in his mind with doubts, his resolve on this quest would not have lasted to reach the mountains, and so he agreed that all happens for a reason and the exchange was necessary for him to understand his destiny and come to appreciate what truly matters
he said to the shadow, my friend, thank you for emerging at such a late hour, your company has been long awaited and my patience was duly gifted with your graciousness, but i am now whole and have experienced both sides of my dualistic being, dark and light, joy and pain, and am closer to my destination as a result of it, to my destiny, to my splendour, to my happiness, to the Mighty, and as I see the sun set, I see you recede with it, and now I have the strength to say that you too will leave me but I rest comfortable knowing I am reaching my destination, my true mate, these gorgeous resplendent mountains before me that provide every home, every hearth, every warmth, every love and affection I need, I thank you for your counsel, company and wisdom, and after going through the circle, I have come home whole and am ready to meet my match and make my peace
as the wander was saying this, the sun was slowly setting and the shadow was slowy waning, and in its final vestiges, it whispered to the wanderer, whatever you desire, whatever you wish, will it thus, whoever you love, whatever your passion, will it thus, speak truth and hold back anger, learn from pain but let it not scourge you, and always remember, that and who which matter most, are those things and those people that most tested you and caused convulsions of your soul, for you were too much for them, and it needed to happen so that you felt just how much they were for you. be true to yourself, follow your heart, and be at one with God and with yourself and your soul, remembering that in life as in love, everything exists in its opposite at first and that which hurts most, does so only because it matters most, and once overcome, there you will find your bliss, there you will find your eternity, there you will find your offspring, there you will find your love, there you will find your destiny.
with these final prophetic words, the sun set behind the vanilla sky on the horizon and the wanderer appeared, and stopped, near the mountains, with night slowly setting in, all alone, with his thoughts, but no longer scared for he had gone through the darkest period of his walk, and towards the end was carried by a light shadow that carried him to the end, and now he stood before this massive grand structure, calm, repose, at peace after being at a personal war, knowing that all was about to go dark and he was at the foot of this place, at the end of his journey, but he was not scared, for he had experienced all sides of the equation of life, and with this richness in experience, nothing could stop him now. night was setting in, darkness pervaded him, and though he felt some unease and nervousness, he closed his eyes and said a prayer to the universe: dear massiveness that surrounds me and mystery that confounds me, dear infinite energy of which I am composed, as I enter this dark period, this night, full of uncertainty, danger, trials and collusions of the mind, please grant me the wisdom and the power to stay on my two feet with the resolution in my heart that when the sun rises again from the east in the morning, I will be whole once more, and I will be home, once and for all. Please let me get me through this one final night of darkness after my long journey, for once I do, I am home, and you are with me and we no longer have any dangers before us, but pleasure ahead of us, happiness and light. Amen.


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08.12 | 12:21

Good reflexions and philosophy
Thanks for your site

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Profound with a lot of philosophical insights. I love the admonition of never abdicating the future. Thanks for sharing.

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Wow, this is so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing. Love & Peace.

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Amazing to read and thank you for some beautiful insights.

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