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One must have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star...
Massoud Abbasi

A Thousand Volcanic Eruptions of the Soul

I’ve seen the future, brother, it is turmoil

I’ve seen the future, again, brother, it is hopeful

How many early views of the rising Sun has a hawk consumed that lifts it so to the heavens

Does not the same all seeing vision that lights up the skies light up your soul

Is it not because of the darkness that the moon is able to stand illuminated, like a naked deer, caught in the midst of the midnight forest, where it pierces through the veil of existence

What did you do yesterday that you cannot do tomorrow, what wrong did you inflict yesterday that you cannot rectify today, how many times does a bell have to ring before it no longer rings hollow

I have seen the phases, brother, they are recurring

Where one day sweet songbirds nestle in their dew-drenched nests, and come up with the day  

Singing  hymns, so must it be with man, now, today, tomorrow

Is not the same patch of rough equalized and made possible by a patch of smooth

Does not the water which washes itself through the rivers of your veins not the same liquid that soaks all of humanity in organic richness

Aren’t all seasons recurring friendships, which like little children in their giving, also take

I have seen the mazes of life, brother, they are everywhere

How many lost souls were found and lost in them over and over again, like the undulating waves of the oceans, never ceasing, never found, only found wanting

Do all who wander seek a way, or is the wandering itself the way, just as the worm slinks itself above ground after the rain so that it may be consumed by aerial creatures

Who was ever found, that was not lost, twice, three times, a thousand times

Every time the way is sought, it is found, if in seeking you seek like the blind do, with faith

I have heard life, brother, it is furious

Everywhere I turn there are screams, wails, harrowing voices and ideas which shout themselves out in every direction with the clasp of thunder, deafening the landscape, deafening us

Just as the oceans smash against the boulders of their edges, against the armour of their protectors,

So humanity smashes itself, against itself

And in this smashing, a million manifold attempts are made at understanding or misunderstanding

Does not the consciousness that permeates you also seek to penetrate you from within,

Does not the heart of man yell out in indignation against the tragedy in which it has been foisted

Love yourself, love your neighbor, and one day you find that you only covet your neighbor and have lost yourself

Where, where did you go when just yesterday you were found, and why did you think being found meant you were done traversing the plains of being

No walk is over, whether 7 minutes or 7 years, and just because you rest now does not mean your soul isn’t moving, if not forward then backwards

How many times must you shake yourself before you can obtain that fruit which can only be plucked, not forced off its branch

If my soul were a light, its filament would have long ago burnt out in a great gasp of consumption, assimilation, imitation of life, that is my ode to this all, this thing, this experience, this existence

I have seen the darkness, brother, it is bright

However much you seek solace, you only get sorrow

Is it not the same with sugar, the more you burn it, the more bitter it gets

Why can you not just dab it on the tip of your tongue as it is, relishing its inherent nature, pristine, pure, aromatic like a rich perfume

Seek the opposite, and you will get just what you want, this I have found

It is the same with colours, when you seek to create one, you have to use others

It is like love, when you seek to find one, you have to find yourself first

So in everything trust the law of equivalence, just as hot and cold are one, sun and moon, night and day

I have seen the future brother, it is rich in possibility

You may choose to fork the road, or you may find that there is no road at all, and that whilst you were going in one way, you could have actually gone the other way, in no way, in your way

Just when night is darkest, that is when dawn emerges

Just when you are most despairing, there is your greatest hope

Just as immense heat and pressure on boiling water turns it into mist, carrying it aloft to the heavens in a new form as vapour, so the same with you and I, the weight which we carry is the fire in which we burn

Just when your soul and spirit are at their respective endpoints, near dissimulation, that is precisely where they are most like a spring, able to thrust themselves back to the beginning, and be reborn

I have seen the future, brother, it is beautiful and abundant chaos

And was not this very universe in which you and I are but an infinitesimal part born in chaos

Chaos as creation

Creation as beauty

Beauty as future

I have seen these things, brother

Can you see these things, brother

See these things, brother

You are free


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08.12 | 12:21

Good reflexions and philosophy
Thanks for your site

25.01 | 15:17

Profound with a lot of philosophical insights. I love the admonition of never abdicating the future. Thanks for sharing.

06.07 | 19:41

Wow, this is so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing. Love & Peace.

19.03 | 05:49

Amazing to read and thank you for some beautiful insights.

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